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Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Nisitha Samarasekara

Residential Building Located in Sri Lanka

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Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Nisitha Samarasekara

This magnificent luxury house is a two-storey building with a rooftop situated in a 20perch block in Nawala. The residence come with a variety of different uncommon and lively spaces and offer enough room for a big gathering. This house is created with complete stylish modern interior designs. It also has many entertaining spaces which vary from each other. Some of these areas comprise of water features such as ponds, pools and cascading water falls with beautiful lighting.

The entrance of this residence, created by DNW Associates is designed in a unique style and gives the visitors a lively and welcoming atmosphere. We have used railway sleepers for the entrance steps which are placed over a small pond with different levels of water falls.

The Master bedroom is located on the first floor level and we have designed it in a way that it has a view towards the plunge pool area. The dining is also a unique feature of this residence which is designed to open out to a cascading water feature and two ponds on both sides.

Most of the walls in this house are White or Cream, while some areas have dark, architectural colors. These colors can create liveliness and moods to the spaces.

Front Elevation
Front Elevation 2
Entrance Door
Lobby Chair
Open to Sky area
Interior Design
Entrance Stairs
Entrance Stairs
Landscape Garden
View from Dining
Dining Room
Cascading Water
Dining Room
Dining Room
Bed Room
Master Bathroom
Upper floor Pond
Interior Design
Staircase Interior
Visitors Room
Upper Floor Dining
Interior Design
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