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Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Nisitha Samarasekara

Residential Building Located in Sri Lanka

Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tyronne Weerackody

Meditation Cells / kuti

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Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tyronne Weerackody

This modern three storey charming house is complimented by a roof top garden is been built on a 10 perch land, overlooking a Lake.

The openness of the design without doors or windows, gives cross ventilation and plenty of light to experience a sense of relaxation to the inhabitants & visitors. The house with its colorful façade has crisply defined spaces, stairways and differences of levels well integrated into an overall sequence of spaces.

Constructed with natural materials such as timber, clay, slate, it enhances the elegance of the house which would mesmerize any visitor. The uniqueness of this design is that the front elevation appears to be a two storey building, but as you walk through the internal spaces one would realize that there is an under ground space which includes an open to sky swimming pool surrounded by huge trees, as well as a dinning room & a pantry. This ten perch land includes several open garden spaces, a small garden which opens to the office room and a rear garden that opens to the living space and a visitor’s bedroom; there is also a garden behind the garage that can be used as a second car park.

Entrance Lobby
Double Height Space
Office Room
Lobby Area
Kids Room
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