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Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Nisitha Samarasekara

Residential Building Located in Sri Lanka

Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tyronne Weerackody

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Residential Building Located in Sri Lanka.

The client experiences a life style that many would envy. It is not based on their desire for either luxury surroundings of high life, but revolves around a blending of their interests and love of natural beauty.

This magnificent 4 bed room house is built on a 10 perch land facing the Diyawanna Oya (Lake). The double height living room brings out the charming space that gives a very homely feeling.

The double height dining overlooks the pantry, living room & the courtyard that includes a scenic water fall to blend in with nature. Living room has been designed with the natural slope 6’feet below dining level and it’s fully open to the rear garden. The French windows provide a happy view of the rear lawn & garden. From the upper floor T.V lounge, one could feel the fresh air and get a panoramic view of the lake.

The magnificence of this house is that it allows one to enjoy its unique architectural aspects that blend with elegance simplicity and serenity.

Living Room
TV Lounge
Double Height Space
Meditation Room
TV Lounge
Living Room
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